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The SCRA Round Scope Clock

The round scope clock turned out to be a dud. The controls were not usable,
as they were located on the rear panel. I have finally solved this design problem
with the introduction of the SCTV Scope Clock,
made in a laser-cut case with gently folded corners made of living hinges.

Click on the photo of the SCTV clock to visit its product page.

A lovely but misguided creation from the secret Cathode Corner laboratories
is the round scope clock.

The case is made of a 3/8" cast acrylic tube. It is an asset to any mantel.

The inside is as beautiful as the outside...

The rear panel holds a full complement of handy controls
for your twiddling pleasure.

It can also tell time.

All the display modes of the SC200 clock board are available.

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Page updated Nov. 29, 2021