The new SC200 scope clock board is in beta test

The new version of my scope clock board is called the SC200.
With its new software, it can do all sorts of interesting things.

It can display the date and time.

Watch it emulate a $5 alarm clock...

Or an expensive 400-day clock.

Many menu choices are available.

Setting the time is thorough, but not Y10K compliant.


The following features have been added:

* 12VDC input power at 1 ampere (was 110VAC)
* New microprocessor, Motorola MC68HC908GP32CP chip (was HC705J1A)
* Ability to display text (was just numbers)
* Serial port for downloading messages or receiving GPS timecode
* Open source code via GPL for hacking delight
* Supercapacitor for timekeeping during brief power outages

Download the Assembly and User Manual PDF file here.

Download the Source Code here.

Download the Schematic Diagram PDF file here.

Read the Theory of Operation here.

Read about the Hardware Improvements here.

Here is the new scope clock board, fully built.

A close-up of the display shows the high quality of the font.
Notice that the circles are perfectly formed, unlike those on the common
vector display that makes each circle from many small straight lines.

The display controls permit easy adjustment of the circle geometry,
as well as the size and placement of the image on the screen.

The CRT connects to the board via these two Molex connectors.
The beam adjustments are located here as well.

The board'c HC908 computer is programmable via a PC com port using
no-cost software. The programming port and controls are here.

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Last updated April 12, 2008