ESC4-A 4 channel motor driver board for NURC ROV

If you came here after reading the Feb. 2010 SERVO magazine article about notBob, please take a look at our new ROVotron control system we have designed for this year's contest. It's located on this page.

This board provides control of up to 4 big DC motors, 6 servos and one switched 12V device from a vEx PWM signal and a 48V power source. It is optimized for low cost, flexibility and high performance. A Xilinx programmable logic device (CPLD) allows reconfiguration for custom requirements.


* Powered from 48VDC at 10 Amps to allow use with a lightweight, low cost 16 gauge tether cable

* Powers and provides bidirectional speed control for up to four 10 Amp, 12V motors

* Powers external 12V devices up to 2.5A total current, including one switched output

* Provides 5V servo motor power

Power and signals

DC power input: up to 48V nominal at 12A maximum on screw terminals

Control input: One or two vEx PWM signals on a 4-pin Molex header

DC power outputs: 12V at up to 2.5A total current (shared with switched power) on two 2-pin Mini-fit Jr. connectors

Motor outputs: Four 10 Amp PWM motor speed controllers on 2-pin screw terminals

Servo power output: 1 Amp at 5VDC (shared with 12V power) on six servo 3-pin connectors

Relay outputs: One 12V switched power output, up to 2.5A total power (shared with unswitched 12V power) on a 2-pin Mini-fit Jr. connector

Detailed description

Parts List

Schematic diagram (PDF)

PC board artwork (PDF)

Gerber files (ZIP)

VHDL Firmware (ZIP)

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